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In generating b2b leads, you can't do what you did even three years ago. Many of business we work with have had bad experiences of ‘telemarketing’

We can’t believe the number of contact centres/ agencies who still work to the standards of the 1990s, randomly calling large lists of un-targeted data, poorly trained, unskilled people at the end of the phone, canvassing all day.

New Business Relationships offerers our partners the newest advancements in strategy, techniques, technology and service.

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01Specific, Highly Targeted Campaign

Lead Generation is a science, it is also an art, notoriously difficult to get right. We put a highly targeted calling solutions in place across a blend of campaign types:

  • New Business Prospecting
  • Lapsed Accounts
  • Cross Sell
  • Win/ Back Campaign
  • Website Forensics

02Data Technique/ Order

New Business Relationships commitment to quality lead generation means we will never call a list of data randomly. Commonly we mix the source of data we target in a campaign also by type.

  • Agreed priority call order – quick wins first
  • Targeted by: SIC, Location, County, City, Town, Post Code, Street by street level
  • Company’s by Turnover
  • Company’s by Employee Number

03Blended Lead Generation Approach: Dot Mailer

Dot Mailer logo

New Business Relationships to maximise lead conversion, acting as a catalyst on a phone call we send a targeted eshot/ e-mail, followed up by a phone call.

Using diagnostics technology, New Business Relationships calls:

  • Leads Responded
  • E-Mails ‘Clicked Through’
  • E-Mails ‘Opened’

New Business Relationships as part of the blended approach process will ‘clean’ bounced and rejected e-mails, sourcing the correct information.

04Sales Force CRM

Sales Force logo

New Business Relationships compiles, then migrates data into the industry leading CRM Sales Force, providing full training, visibility and access to organised and structured data. Writing Reports building dashboards, we build a visible CRM and pipeline of future customers.

Many businesses New Business Relationships works with have retrospective data, in often many different forms and different formats. We create a specific wish list of clients you would like to do business with.

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • CRM
  • Redundant old CRM
  • Delegate list of a conferences attended
  • Old Excel Spreadsheets

New Business Relationships makes calls ongoing from the Sales Force, updating notes, scheduling Call Backs and using the technology to assist our business development.

05A Heading About Calls

Out of Hours Calling

Based on the premise, the early bird catches the worm, we offer a bespoke service, calling from early hours 0700am through to 2100 at night.

Optimum Contact Times

New Business Relationships electronically logs contact, conversations and appointment date & times, sharing insightful trends and patterns also adopting our calling to suit.

Call from your Office

New Business Relationships often attends our partners offices, making a full days calling in the centre of the office

Scheduled Call-Backs

In-between paid calling days, gratis we will make call-backs to urgent call-backs and opportunities that require a conversation on a specific time & date.

06Our Partners See — We Action

Many of our clients pass us ad hoc & additional data from the below typical sources for us to research and source contact details:

  • Company buildings seen -passing in a car!
  • Business Cards
  • Scribbled down thoughts & off the cuff ideas
  • Event/ Conference Delegate Lists
  • Networking Events -list of business
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