What we do and how we do it

New Business Relationships believes the best way to start and build a new business relationship is by having a real person at the end of the phone, someone with quality, intelligence, someone who is consultative, asks the right questions, listens, appropriately responds and is highly personable.

We only start picking up the telephone when you are 100% happy for us to commence, we are fully trained and the all the below is in place:

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01Meticulous Planning

Long before we ever go near picking up a telephone or start the invoice process, we spend hours, if not days working with our partners, taking as many meetings and as much time as it takes to get a campaign right before we commence the calling.

We work with our partners to make sure the target wish list of companies is the best we can make it, All Campaigns are:

  • Highly Targeted
  • Specific, with targets and documented objectives
  • Aimed at businesses with a known or anticipated requirement
  • Hold a monetary value for a suitable converted lead to provide ROI


New Business Relationships only makes quality appointments! We understand the value of time, particularly travel and time spent out of the office.

Geographically minded, we will try and make several appointments on the same day in the same location where possible for our partners using:

  • Google Maps to work out time inbetween appointments
  • Consider rush hour & other travel
  • Access diaries for gaps, filling with appointments
  • Work 4-6 weeks ahead, filling calendars well in advance

Once an appointment has been verbally agreed, we:

  • Confirm Appointments by e-mail
  • Book full appointment details and conversation/ opportunity into Outlook Calendar
  • Log all appointments made so we can track conversion % and ROI

03Post Call Follow Up

New Business Relationships will call contacts and follow up with post call information sending information post call with a specific Call Back Time & Date for us to follow up & field questions.

  • Send bespoke professional business e-mail
  • E-shot/ Multimedia message
  • Attachments - Specific Information Requests
  • Physical brochures/ Information Request Follow Ups

04New Business Campaign

Prior to every campaign, bespoke, with high attention to every detail New Business Relationships creates:

Company Profile

  • Sales Messages
  • Values, ethos and key USP’s, to be used in conversations
  • Key Products/ Services & benefits messages
  • Call Flow/ Script
  • Consultative Questions list
  • Common Objections & Answers
  • Standard Outcomes
  • Visual Desk Aids and call prompt
  • Information Request e-mail and attachments

Training and Coaching

  • Role plays and practice calls, prior to live calling
  • Improvement suggestions

Campaign launch meeting

Review Meeting after every calling session

05Data Mining, Data Enriching and Appointment Making

Ultimately, our primary aim of a campaign is to make immediate 1-2-1 appointments with decision makers with immediate tangible business.

Realistically, timing is everything. We clean, update enrich hundreds of pieces of useful business data, which holds a significant value itself.

Buying Process

  • Decision Maker Name
  • Decision Making process
  • Influencers & peripheral figures involved in the process
  • Existing Supplier details
  • Exact Contract Expiry date
  • Tender/ Contract Review dates

Decision Maker

  • Decision Maker Name/ Names
  • Role, as on business card
  • HQ/ Office based address
  • Direct Dial to Desk
  • Mobile Number
  • Direct E-mail
  • LinkedIn link
  • Pre-eminent best contact day/ time


Often building relationships with PA’s and Gatekeepers, we create a connection, intelligently working with them to speak to and get information to the final senior decision maker, where we are unable to contact direct.

  • Gatekeeper Name
  • DM contact process
  • Information and appointments through/ via Gatekeepers
  • Personal details and anecdotal information

07Detailed Review/Sales Funnel

Lead Generation works in exact numbers.

Highly visual, we provide all the results, detailed call notes with a clear bespoke standard set of outcomes. We provide full clear information, market intelligence, results of all a call then and we feedback exactly what the people are telling us.

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