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Plus — We generate new business every month, adding to a businesses Bottom Line

Recruiting and keeping talented sales professionals specifically for business development is a costly exercise. Quality internal telesales staff are also increasingly hard to find.

In outsourcing, businesses get all the benefits of a well qualified person, without any of the ongoing costs.

Time is the biggest saving

The majority of business owners and senior decision makers we work with tell us the time saved by outsourcing has the greatest benefit to them. Many business owners and senior decision makers we work with simply don’t have time to spend one full day a week, completely uninterrupted lead generation.

The vast majority of businesses in the UK are not being catered for when it comes to quality lead generation and appointment making.

Talking to business owners, they were being offered contact/ call centres representing their business, with typically young, unskilled, poorly trained staff, headset cultures, driven by a predictive dialler calling an untargeted campaign, based on volume/ luck.

Established outsource don’t really want to work with smaller business’s. They see the work often as too much hassle hence the weak quality of service and infrequent results.

Tom Metcalfe, Founder

Qualitative, Quantitative & Cost Effective

Quality lead generation is often more cost effective than the traditional marketing routes such as: Marketing, social media optimisation, newspaper advert, PR campaign, risky Google Ad-words and website SEO.

New Business Relationships prove a structured, intelligent conversation, by someone who is articulate, trained and understands your business can be far more cost effective.

Direct Lead Generation can have a significant impact on a business and can prove to be a low risk, predictable strategy. Lead Generation can be a game changer!

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