The best person to sell
your business is YOU!

You can’t always be there for 8 hours in a day, so we become you on the phone with complete focus, absolutely no interruptions. Everything we do is results driven. Everything we do boils down to getting you ultimately more customers

New Business Relationships has a unique offering to SME business owners. Along with meticulous campaigns, prepared data and executed campaigns, we utilise some very clever technology to assist us.

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01Outbound Visible CLI (Call Line Information)

Every business we work with is provided at no additional cost with its own individual, local to them prefix outbound displayed telephone number.

Every call we make on their behalf displays a visible C.L.I as opposed to number withheld. We have found it to have 2 major benefits to making a better first impression and making more appointments:

  • Contact rate increases, with people more likely to pick up the phone
  • The response of someone answering the phone is infinitely warmer, less cautious and the introduction more friendly/ open

02Answering Return Calls

You may not be around to receive return calls — but we are!

Whether somebody is retuning a missed call or responding to an e-mail if called back on the number we called them on, we will always answer, using your business name and introduction to answer.

03New Business Voicemail

If for whatever reason an Inbound call cannot be taken, we set up a Voicemail Account and will administer to calling back prospective clients straight away.

04Lead Forensics & Web Chat

Calling visitors to your website

We have the technology and ability to call business who have been on a clients website. The technology is none aggressive and sits invisibly in the background.

New Business Relationships can see which business was on your website and for how long, which sites and what they looked at.

05Point & Click to Call

Our speed through calls is quickened, not by a predictive or semi predictive dialler, but simply by all calls being made through our IT system, literally pointing the mouse curser at the telephone and hitting one button.

This provides saves us time and also gives us time to fully prepare for every call, looking at websites, LinkedIn profiles and company information.

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