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New Business Relationships is a Yorkshire company, based in the leafy suburbs of North Leeds, just around the corner from the world famous Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

We are a boutique, family feel company where all employees come from many years of b2b sales and outsource experience. We are highly competitive with each other, enjoy our vocations and enjoy working hard for our families.

Behind New Business Relationships has the aspiration to grow a brilliant business, that puts its clients 1st, growing a brilliant business to work for, a company with a spirit behind it.

We work day in, day out with business owners and senior decision-makers, from all sorts of backgrounds, markets, verticals, all selling completely different products and services. We work with business from sole traders up to business turning over £60m+

We build companies strategies and campaigns that work for individual businesses. Lead Generation is so diverse, there is not one size that fits all.

Tom Metcalfe, Founder

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